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What is Trailing and how it works?

Trailing – functionality that helps your grid (orders) automatically move to the current price.

It can move your grid UP when price is increasing or move DOWN if price is decreasing.
Trailing could be enabled in Start Bot Configurations or it can be activated when the bot is already running. You can turn it off at any time.

For example: we enter with BUSD in pair PROM/BUSD, set up Delta and Profit. Bot start placing a grid, and the price moves up outside the grid. We activate Trailing and the grid starts moving up, rearranging orders one by one until they reach the price.

You can ask yourself, why do I need Trailing Down in a situation when I enter with Crypto in pairs to Fiat? I will lose in relation to Fiat.

Perhaps it makes less sense, but:
1. You will stay inside a grid and bot will continue trading.
2. If you enter in pairs Crypto/Crypto (BTC/ETH) bot will always stay inside the grid and increase the amount of Crypto.