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Our bot is a unique product with no equivalents or counterparts. The technology is based on a popular algorithm called “Grid Trading”

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In order to provide stable trading to our users, we build our bot on the most popular crypto platform — Binance. You have an arsenal of trading tools at your disposal to make an informed decision on your strategy and pairs.

We intended to build a great instrument for crypto holders, as well as a powerful tool for professional traders. That is why Xbot was specifically designed to monitor the market and profit from it on a constant basis!

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Effective Crypto Trading on iOS & Android Devices

At the moment, we are developing iOS & Android mobile applications for more convenient use of the platform by our traders. Coming soon!
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Get an advantage over the fluctuating market leaving behind common risks associated with trading.

Our bot is a great choice for both newcomers and experienced traders. Also, if you have any experience working with Binance this bot will significantly improve your income.

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Marketing Strategy

The unique algorithm allows bot to quickly navigate the market.

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Capital Gains

Get yourself a large passive income. Get started with our bot!

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Referral System

We've prepared and rolled out a referral system for our traders.

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Risk Assessment

Each user gets a unique virtual environment that safely stores your trading strategies

Receive up to 25% bonuses for each referral!

Once somebody uses your referral code, this person becomes your level 1 referral. If this user top-up the account on 100 dollars, you will get 25% out of it. If your level 1 referral invites another user into the system, you’ll get 15% of his fuel balance.

How to start?

Create Binance account

To work with our platform, you must have a Binance account.

Create Xbot account

Register on our platform and start trading

Connect your Binance account to our Platform

Go to the Binance API management section and copy API & Secret keys. Set them up in our validation form.


You will require fuel to run bots.

Create and configure your bots

Choose a pair on which your bot will trade. Configure settings and you are ready to start trading.

Connect Telegram Bot

You are willing to connect Telegram to get notifications and remote control of your bots.
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